Executive Chairman
Anthony L. Clarke JP KSJ EW Dip C.T.

Anthony Lowen Clarke is the Founder and CEO of Anthony L Clarke Migration Services, and for the past 25 years he has been successfully providing outstanding advice about migration to Australia and New Zealand. He is qualified as an Australian Migration Agent. He has been a director of TCI since its founding, and has worked with, and supported TCI’s founder, the late Adrian Clarke, his older brother.

Anthony has a wide range of business experience gained over the past 45 years with his brother Adrian. He built one of the first dome houses in Victoria, and it continues to attract tourists. Dome houses are inspired by the work of Dr R. Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome, and a man who was awarded 47 honorary doctorates in his extraordinary life.

Tony is passionate about Australian music: visit his site for details on about 400 videos of Melbourne bands:



Tony is passionate about filming contemporary life and scenes through his extensive train travels:



CEO & International Director of marketing
Charles Kovess

Charles Kovess graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 1973, and gained his Master of Laws from Monash University in 1980. After six years of practice, he established his own law firm, which subsequently merged with Barker Gosling, a national law firm. Charles was Head of the Commercial Law Department.

Charles has been a director of both public and private companies which has given him business experience in fields as diverse as hotels and motels, tourism facilities, restaurants, oil, gas and gold exploration, manufacturing, primary production exports, media, both print and video, and timber milling. He has also advised a number of Australian organisations on international expansion opportunities in Hungary and Central Europe.

After practising law successfully for 20 years, Charles left the law in June 1993 to pursue his passion for increasing passion! He has found that bringing out the unique and extraordinary capacities of individuals, by accessing and harnessing their passion, is the fundamental key to business success in these changing and challenging times.

Charles graduated from the Business School for Entrepreneurs in Hawaii, and completed the ELI Super Teaching Course in August 1993.


Charles is a highly-experienced businessman, team leader, professional speaker and executive coach. He is a transformational, inspirational high-energy speaker and facilitator, who helps organisations build world-class teams based on integrity, trust, and commitment.

Clients include Sanitarium; BMW Finance; Telstra; Clements, Dunne & Bell; Leonard Joel; City of Greater Dandenong; ANZ Banking Group; Tourism Victoria; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; National Australia Bank; Optus; Essendon Football Club; Brisbane Lions Football Club; AXA; Australian Federal Police; Tower Life Group; Victorian Government’s Department of Treasury & Finance, Australia Post, Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

Among a lifetime of voluntary positions in which Charles has made significant contributions, he is President of the Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce (since 1992), Past National President of the National Speakers' Association of Australia, a trustee of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), a former committee member of the University Melbourne Arthritis Centre Fundraising Appeal, a former Board Member of Save the Children Victoria and former Chairman of the EC Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Vic.) Inc.

Charles has been heavily involved in assisting TCI achieve its global vision and goals, and since the death of TCI’s founder, Adrian Francis Clarke, in October 2015, Charles has been TCI’s CEO, as well as its International Marketing Director.

Charles is not only passionate about business: he also loves sport! He has been continuously competing in triathlons since 1985, he has completed the Ironman Triathlon, he has run nine marathons, and he is an internationally qualified water polo referee. He is the father of five children.

International Technical Director
Frank Urban

Frank Urban was born in 1944. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Footscray Institute, which is now called Victoria University.

After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer, Frank worked in the mining industry designing crusher plants, large head frames for drilling and complex conveyor systems. He also spent several years contracting for various large companies including the Ford motor company where he spent a year redesigned all of their safety guards around huge hydraulic presses.

In 1975 Frank qualified as a Naturopath, Osteopath and Chiropractor, a profession he still practices today.

In 2000 Frank met Adrian Clarke and after numerous discussions, decided to join Adrian Clarke in commercialising TCI’s new technology and establishing hemp as the fibre of choice.

(Photo L to R: Charles Kovess & Frank Urban)

To contact Frank: urbanhemp7@gmail.com


Founder and former Chairman and Managing Director
Adrian Francis K. Clarke (deceased)

Adrian Clarke was born in Melbourne in 1947 and was the third of a large family of 10 sons. He was married to Lindy and they have two sons, one daughter and two granddaughters. Adrian was educated at Xavier Jesuit primary and secondary schools and studied at Melbourne University in science, biochemistry and graduated English Literature and Language with honours.

After graduating, in 1976 Adrian moved to London where he was employed as a consultant marketer in the new field of computers where he specialised in mainframe computer software packaging and sales. In 1980 he was in California consulting to software marketing companies to teach them how to tele-market their computing systems. On his return to Australia, Adrian broadened his interests by becoming involved with Biodynamic farming and Rudolph Steiner education philosophies and practice. It was during his involvement in this work that he came across Industrial Hemp and its chequered history.


Adrian studied the processing methods used to extract products from hemp throughout History. He made some discoveries in the mid 1990’s and devised a new system for extracting the fibre from the hemp stem. He found that his method was the only suitable method for use in Australia, as it required no retting of the stem. The decortication could be done during harvesting. It was discovered that the total method would produce hemp fibre that could be spun on cotton systems and that this new fibre could be produced at similar costs to the costs of producing cotton. Another extra benefit was that it opened all the world's farmland from the tip of New Zealand in the south to Finland in the north, to the possibility of producing a textile fibre, which could be spun in the latest hi-tech cotton spinning systems. Hemp is produced without the farm chemicals required to produce cotton.

In 2006 trials of a new machine were conducted in New South Wales, which attracted the attention of Chinese entrepreneurs. In 2007 Adrian was taken to China where he built 2 new machines. They were demonstrated successfully on both green ‘fresh’ hemp and on dried unretted hemp. The fibre was then used in textiles and also in composite materials. The pure unretted hurd was also used in composite products as a filler within the matrix of the fibre.

In 2008 and 2009 the challenge was to make a travelling platform capable of deploying the D8 decorticator efficiently. This has now been achieved.

Adrian’s history demonstrates his passion to fill the burgeoning demand gap between the demand for cotton and the supply of cotton with a new source of grown cellulose fibre. Hemp can now also be used to replace fibreglass with a renewable, natural, ecologically sound, recyclable, strong light weight fibre. Adrian was driven by his belief that the future for the agricultural sector will be a bright one through his innovations and insights that are now being taken forward into global markets by TCI and its associates.

Vale Adrian Clarke, a true innovative thinker!